Water Baby Hygiene And Hydration Tricks For The Bath

Water Baby Hygiene And Hydration Tricks For The Bath

Introduction Of  Water Baby Hygiene And Hydration Tricks For The Bath

Water Baby Hygiene And Hydration Tricks For The Bath. Today I’m going to talk to you about baby bath hygiene and hydration inside article In this week’s article I’m going to talk about baby overboard, how we do that hygiene, and how we hydrate it we establish routines after bathing This article is sponsored by fresco and cosmetics brand of reference in children’s cosmetics which I am a user and I trust her from my first daughter almost four years ago so I’m going to talk to you with tips about how your baby’s bath should be how that subsequent hygiene should be and it also helps to show those products that.

When choosing that optimal time to bath the baby find a time

I trust and professionally is important when choosing that optimal time to bath the baby find a time when the baby is calm but not sleepy and also not super activated because in the end there are babies that the bath at night relaxes them but Many moms in the office tell me that that night bath speeds them up a lot more because the baby is very playful and in the bathtub he plays, plays, plays and then is supercharged with adrenaline, therefore, it is the case of your baby try to alternate the order and give him the bath in the morning I also want to make a paragraph for two things the first to remind you of my social networks all under.

The same name baby sweep iPad and the second one you have a lot of information regarding the bathroom of the baby in-depth in my channel I will also leave the links to facilitate our work in Egypt information below the water temperature should be around 36 37 degrees I say hang around because there are babies who like water a little cooler and other babies the water a little warmer the water should never be cold but it should not be that we burn how we can calculate the temperature of the water than with an aquatic thermometer, its defect, test for example with co2 os I am going to leave in the agitated information all the related products of the.

I’m going to talk to you in this week’s article, the room temperature should being around 22 degrees it is not necessary to turn it into a sauna because in the end extreme heat is not good for the baby either and it is super you must have everything at hand and everything prepared because then above all with newborn babies it seems that we lack hands to do things, for example, the boats remove the cap so that it is only to give with one hand the pus that you see need for your baby I advise that the baby be submerged not completely but more or less until the neck area because so that in other such sudden temperature changes of made in premature babies or underweight babies or smaller babies can feel that bathing is not a pleasant and enjoyable time for them because of that temperature change.

I like Much to recommend is that the typical small towel that we use for example of a article for the face

That I’m talking about, that’s why a trick that I like Much to recommend is that the typical small towel that we use for example of a article for the face that you have it in the bathtub and that it submerges it every little bit and that light weight and that warmth and that containment is going to put on them help a lot these babies who are a little more crying or more fidgety in the bathroom and now that we get to the crux of the question about what soap to use super important that it is always a soap that respects the skin of your baby at home we use this fresh liquid this soap or bath gel is a gel that has aloe vera has oatmeal and has cotton something very characteristic of Presley is that they are 100% natural products in the Case of Aloe Fanny Nourishing Body Wash will cleanse super gently.

But apart from respecting the baby’s skin barrier, which is super sensitive, it is a formula that when you apply it you will see that does not have soap and is free of toxic and also contains, as I said, apple oat cotton oil and aloe vera all this will make you nourish and protect your skin and therefore it will improve the health of the little ones about soap as well we have to realize one thing is not the same a baby for example from 0 to 6 months it is good to apply a little soap in the water would be enough to a baby for example over six months that we have to lather at the end is a baby who can go to nursery school or who is in the park.

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That, therefore, has more dirt not because the action is related to more children or that it has more zeal in case it obstructs your baby because it has more hair you can use the shampoo from the same range this shampoo apart from the smile in kiwi and it is that they wanted to eat what to be 100% natural and clean the respect of the dermal barrier as it will also provide its ingredients soft such as coconut or rice derivatives and it will not make the scalp looks dry and does not irritate baby’s eyes super It is important to touch on the subject of hygiene a little, we have already talked about the gel we have already talked about the shampoo I want to talk to you about the issue of hydration in the water I am not very in favor of applying oil to the bathwater when you have 9 newborns you are first-timers handling.

When it seems that it no longer slips us you have hands, their fragility also makes us

That baby in the bathtub is already a handicap when it seems that it no longer slips us you have hands, their fragility also makes us more afraid if in addition, We add the difficulty of pouring oil into the water, it is like trying to catch a bar of soap or a piece of butter we do not feel that we are slips through the fingers, therefore, my advice is that you save that moment of hydration for after the bath I will explain the subject of massage of the routines and others it is also important to respect the hygiene of the baby you provide Attention to those rolls, to those little flowers, to those folds that are they generate in the penis the skin of the baby especially in babies more love handles more plump by chains tends to accumulate inside more dirt as well that the navel for example behind the ears and also the genitals both.

The vulva like testicles also good one idea is that without jerking you can clean the baby’s penis well always without jerking is also It is important that you do not spend cleaning the female vulva because you already know that the ph is very important in women but it is true that sometimes it can be generated It is the whitish van flow that is important in bathroom hygiene remove that excess, we already know that touch is our first language with babies when they are born do not understand us when we speak to them but one sweet voice a pleasant touch a relaxing massage is the glory not only for them but also for adults and it is also.

That the skin is the organ most extensive that we have in the human body and in the end, it is an area full of nerve endings there are more erogenous zones that we like more than they calm us more so it is an ideal time to start establishing routines, for example, start setting not the same time but for example the same time slot time, neither be super strict and say at 8 o’clock he lowers his grade because Sometimes it can make a day of super good weather take a walk that you take half an hour later they must have that time slot an hour and a half to be able to carry out the bath, the massage and the place must be a quiet place warmed perhaps by little drops of lavender.

Something that relaxes babies and even relaxing music, for example, the one that I put is during pregnancy for the subject

Something that relaxes babies and even relaxing music, for example, the one that I put is during pregnancy for the subject of body massage and I They like to always resort to vegetable oils the fewer products chemicals have better and that offers and knows it very well, ,it is an oil that I continue to use this body oil with both the elderly and the baby and smells like a luscious peach-like everything fresh lee does is 100% natural and it also contains marigold sesame and camelina oil as well as hydrating the skin of the body is also important to pay attention to the baby’s face.

Something that I did not do with my first daughter and that now super important of everything with the child who does have more dermatitis problems and they are being solved phenomenal and in this case, we are using the oil facial cream that fresh lee facial like all products are 100% natural and in this case it takes sesame oil, almond oil, and aloe vera at least that not only hydrates the skin but also calms it and finally emphasize that what I said at the beginning of the if you find something else irascible after a bath may not be the perfect time to carry out the massage.

Because the baby must be in a state we call quiet alertness that is, receptive but without being hungry without being sleepy and you see that when you leave the bathroom are already too tired imagine being super tired wanting to sleep and that someone insists on touching us feel like it because the same applies to babies so you can also reverse the order and do the massage and then the bath as well as you can advance the taking that digestion cuts is a hoax and nothing happens because a baby or drink before the most important thing is that there are no sudden changes in temperature in fact what encourages the cut of digestion.