The Top Side Hustles For College Students In 2021

The Top Side Hustles For College Students In 2021

Introduction Of The Top Side Hustles For College Students In 2021

The Top Side Hustles For College Students In 2021. The best paying side hustles for college students these side hustles are perfect for anyone that’s in school and they’re going to take you anywhere between 50 to 1000 or more per day now I’ve personally done these in college or I’ve had friends that did them and they are proven to be money makers let’s get started the first college side hustle on my list is doing campus tours and doing this you should be able to make between thirty dollars to a hundred dollars per hour.

Now it’s best if you do go to college in a touristy town but it’s still going to work

Now it’s best if you do go to college in a touristy town but it’s still going to work when people are coming to visit that college so doing campus tours is perfect when incoming freshmen are visiting or like I said before if visitors are coming to your college to see it as an attraction so I know a lot of colleges are going to have their student tour organizations but mostly those are going to be unpaid so you are going to be doing this on your own for this to work you’re going to have to be very familiar with your college you’re going to know all the ins and outs and to be successful at this.

You’re going to have to create a great route going through all the good things to see on campus and to do that it’s going to take a lot of research the biggest thing that’s going to separate you from other people in your marketing so you’re going to want to post on Facebook groups you’re going to want to post on craigslist on TripAdvisor and even on yelp this is how people are gonna find you and it’s gonna be how you get your first clients now to monetize this type of business there are a few ways you can do so the first is to just charge them for the tour this is probably the most direct way to make money from this now I didn’t mention this earlier.

But if you do live in a town that people visit it doesn’t have to necessarily just be a campus tour it can be a campus tour plus a city tour or it could just be a city tour one great thing I think you guys can do is host a free tour and then rely on tips to make your money if you go to any big city and look on yelp there are going to be a ton of free walking tours these tours don’t cost you any money but they make a significant amount of money through tips and the last free walking tour I went on in Seattle I know for a fact that that guy made at least a hundred to two hundred dollars for that one to two-hour tour so this is a great way to make money.

If you’re in college and I think it’s something that not a lot of people talk about so the next college side hustle on my list is becoming a brand ambassador and doing this you should expect to take between 10 to 20 per hour or you’re gonna get a lot of free merchandise so according to indeed the average compensation for a student brand ambassador is about ten dollars and fifty cents per hour there are so many companies out there who are working hard to get young adults young college students to serve as ambassadors for their brand or product so I did some research and some of the big brand ambassador programs are for red bull for tick-tock optimum nutrition Kaplan and amazon prime.

You to grow with the brand post-graduation not only that but you will be gaining valuable training and knowledge in marketing

That you can search for your favorite brands that you possibly might want to work with now one great part about becoming a brand ambassador is that it could allow you to grow with the brand post-graduation not only that but you will be gaining valuable training and knowledge in marketing and for most brand ambassadors the hours are extremely flexible you’ll normally be expected to work x amount of hours per week and based on that you’re going to get some type of stipend or payor free merchandise so yeah that’s a great side hustle that a lot of people do in college the next great side hustle on my list is becoming a tutor and this is one of those.

What you have to do while you’re in college by being a tutor you can make anywhere between 20 to 50 or more per hour and I wish I tutored in college but I started tutoring right after I graduated but it would have been perfect if I was in college and tutoring because this is a lot of money for a college student the hours are extremely flexible and right now with the pandemic you will probably be touring through zoom or skype or something like that so it is extremely flexible and you don’t have to travel anywhere but yeah for tutoring as long as you live somewhere.

Where there are high schools or middle schools or elementary schools there are going to be parents looking for tutors for their kids you don’t have to be an expert at anything to tutor and if you are in college that probably means that you are at a high enough level to tutor these students so this can be things like math it can be things like English writing history pretty much any subject that you are pretty good at and one thing you could even branch off into is college admissions so since you’re a college student you got into a college this means that you can actually help high school students build their resumes edit their college admissions essays or even do test prep and parents are willing to pay.

A lot of money for this to do this you’re gonna first want to reach out to people that you know and ask them if they know anyone that needs tutoring then you’ll want to start making ads on craigslist facebook marketplace and maybe even go to some schools around you and start putting up flyers I was able to get my first clients on craigslist and from there it was all referrals so yeah definitely if you’re in college think about tutoring this is a great side hustle the next side hustle on my list is starting up a youtube channel and if you look at a lot of the creators out there some so many popular creators are currently in college, for example, my friends Elliot Choi and kelly wakas.

They are building massive personal brands while still in school and the thing

They are building massive personal brands while still in school and the thing is that when you’re in college this allows you to make a lot of good content college you guys are a lot more fun than real-life and once you graduate it’s going to be hard to make content or at least make content that is entertaining so, yeah I recommend if you’re in college right now a startup that youtube channel and perhaps start making content based on your college life you can even do videos about educational stuff and this is going to start building your brand and giving you an audience to pretty much build any future company off.

I’ll link my six-figure youtube academy below which shows you how I went from 2 000 subscribers to over 300 000 in just one year and as a result, I was able to build a seven-figure company that is just based on my youtube channel so there is a lot of money doing this but you will have to know how to monetize at some point the next side hustle that is perfect for college students is creating a blog and doing this you can make a thousand dollars or more per day I know people that started blogs in college and they are now making six figures or more from that blog so it really can be quite lucrative now for blogging.

The main thing you guys want to do is you want to create targeted content most bloggers are going to make money through affiliates so that’s why making targeted content is so important this is called affiliate marketing and basically, what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be putting links to different products and services in your blog post when people click on those links and they purchase that product or service you will get a small cut of it as a commission, for example, let’s say you are passionate about the furniture you can start some type of blog reviewing different types of furniture and when you’re putting links through amazon’s affiliate program.

You are going to be getting a small percentage of each sale so for example, you could start something called or it could do a personal finance blog for college students there are so many different topics and niches that you can make your blog in but just know that if you monetize correctly you can make a lot of money through blogging it’s not a dead industry like a lot of people think and there are so many people making a lot of money from this.

what these services do is they connect dog owners with individuals

If you’re in college and you have some free time I think that this could be a great business to start up okay the next college side hustle we’re talking about is dog walking and with dog walking you can make 20 to 40 per hour plus tips now the two biggest dog-walking platforms are probably going to be wag and rover and what these services do is they connect dog owners with individuals who are paid to either walk or board their dog so let’s talk about wag because this is the one that I’m a little bit more familiar with and through their platform there are three different types of walks you can do there’s asap there’s one time and there are recurring walks asap is an on-demand walk.

So the dog owner just wants to get their dog locked right now and they’ll go to the app and find a walker one time is a scheduled walk so this is if the owner wants to schedule a walk for let’s say next Friday at 5 pm and then recurring is for recurring walks that are scheduled every single week so pet owners that are on wag are going to get a free locklockboxt they can put their keys in and that’s pretty much how you’re going to be able to retrieve the keys go inside and get the dogs now I’ve heard mixed things about how much they pay you but it seems like for a 30-minute walk you should expect to make take 10 to 20 dollars and on top of that you should be able to get some tips.

As well for each walk out, you do you’re going to be taking a photo of the dog and you’re going to be putting some notes in on a report card through these programs you can also dog sit and you can also dog board which basically means you are taking care of a dog overnight if you’re doing that you’ll first have a meet and greet with the owner and then if they like you they can book that service with you to work on these apps you have to be 18 years old and you have to be able to walk of course you should also have experience walking dogs and they’re also going to do a background.

Check on you this seems to be a really great college side hustle i personally have not done it but i do know people that do it and if you love dogs especially then it seems like a win-win situation plus it’s very flexible and if you’re not in class then you can just turn on the app and try and do these dog walks next on my list is becoming a virtual assistant and this should pay you guys between 10 to 20 per hour.


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