Savestory | Storysave | Save Story | #Savestory | Savestory Ideas

Savestory | Storysave | Save Story | #Savestory | Savestory Ideas

What is Savestory?

There are so many meanings out there to describe about savestory.


Savestory is a place for interesting people to share interesting stories.

Savestory’s mission is to bring together people from different backgrounds, for the purpose of learning from each other and helping each other. Savers are diverse: business owners, designers, developers, writers, musicians, scientists, photographers and more. They’re also generous: they answer questions posted by readers just like you. This helps you go further faster than you could on your own.

Savestory is a website that helps you to write. It will give you the right words and the right tone for your story.

If you want to try it, just enter the name of your story and its description and choose a tone. Then press next.

You will see five headings: Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, References.

You can click on each of them and writing suggestions will appear. You can edit or delete these suggestions as you wish.

When you’re happy with your story, press save story to be able to read it later in your account or print it for free.

Savestory is a website where you can post and comment on stories.

SaveStory is an app that helps you to save your story ideas. It lets you record your ideas and thoughts of the moment and saves those automatically. You can also add notes to your recordings. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use SaveStory.

Savestory is a new way to read and share short stories on the web. It’s for people who want to learn, be inspired by and/or laugh about what’s happening in their world, but don’t have a lot of time.

In the name itself we could understand that, Savestory is a short and smart word for saving datas or files for safety sake.

Another common meaning about #savestory :

If you want to save your files, you can either use the “Save” dialog or simply drag and drop them from your desktop. It’s like magic!

In case you are wondering whether this will work for your files: Yes, unless you happen to be working on something like a jpeg image. The only file formats we do not support are those that require some other application to be installed on your computer. And even then, chances are we can find a way around it.

Let’s discuss about the “story” points  which is falling in the Savestory word:

There is no such thing as a good story. There are only stories that people like and don’t like.

I used to think I could judge my stories by how good they were, by how much I liked them, by whether the characters were interesting or the events exciting or the language pretty. All this was garbage. It’s an illusion writers have about their art.

It’s not that these things don’t matter: of course they matter, as an end user

If a story doesn’t have characters that you like, you won’t enjoy it. But there is no correlation between how much you like your own characters and how much other people will like them. This seems paradoxical to most writers. And the same is true of style and most other aspects of writing.

The only way I’ve found to make anything people want is to make what I myself want first, then see if other people agree with me after the fact.

Best Savestory & Savestory Ideas:

“Best save story, best story save, purpose of save story” is an essay by Paul Graham. It was originally published on his website on August 18, 2003. The essay describes how one should “save” a good story by writing it down.

This essay is about how to save a story.

This is the second save story I’ve written, and it took me years to realize that saving stories should be easy. So I’m going to give you the benefit of my experience right away, in case you’re in a hurry:

The best way to save a story is to write something that people want to read.

I know, I know. Now that you’ve read it you feel cheated. You expected more, maybe some kind of formula:

“Use three adjectives per noun,” or “Always end with a twist.” But really, that’s all there is to it. Write something people want to read, and they will save it for you.

What does this mean? Well, usually when we say someone wrote something people wanted to read, we mean he wrote something popular. But popularity is not the same thing as being saved. The most popular magazine article in history was probably the one about John F Kennedy Jr saluting his father’s coffin; but scarcely anyone saves that article today. To be saved, an article has to be worth reading many years later: either because it’s so good that people still want to read it, or because it’s so important that people have to.

The purpose of Save Story is to encourage people to save money. Every time you save some money, the application saves it for you in an account. You will see this money in a month or two.


Happy saving!