What Is Baby Regurgitation Meaning | Anti Regurgitation Baby Formula | Vomiting And Regurgitation Difference

What Is Baby Regurgitation Meaning | Anti Regurgitation Baby Formula | Vomiting And Regurgitation Difference

Easy Tricks Against Reflux And Baby Regurgitation :

Regurgitation Meaning: Well, it is important to start by saying that all babies spit up all babies give what dads describe as a puff of milk and this it is completely physiological and it does not matter whether the baby drinks breast milk or milk formula repeat with me all babies always pour some milk well Well really what is baby regurgitation then, as I was saying it is completely physiological and I always like to explain it by doing a simile imagine that a bottle is full of water or glass is that I do not One more drop fits at the minimum that the glass moves it with the bottle the brown the water the content comes out the same thing happens with the stomach of the newborn as the sphincter is not fully mature and more.

We collect by pressing a little more the content comes out parents:

That gate would not be entirely at the minimum that we move, we collect by pressing a little more the content comes out parents say that there is a lot of gaps, everything they have inside is not like that, although it is true that it seems that it comes out quite content like me I call them they are happy regulators they are babies that throw some of the content because they are up to the top aside that everything is liquid does not help because going out is much easier but they are babies who gain the weight they eat well than they just throw it out and they’re happy and then we get on the ebb gastroesophageal which is the reflux here.

I am have we put a little more into the matter because we do not consider reflux physiological and it can be pathological apart, gastroesophageal reflux has several subtypes a reflux baby is a baby who is very uncomfortable arching that has the crying that is uncomfortable eating that may even refuse feeds that are not calm mom and as I said before the esophageal reflux is going to treat in Cabo due to gastroesophageal reflux also has subtypes a subtype that many people go unnoticed is what we call silent or hidden why a hidden one because he does not show his face as such they are children who are not going to project milk outward but they are children.

Who is going to study with what I told you does nothing with discomfort tomás who reject her take out on the back even have more hiccups have more secretions at most with the throat are more uncomfortable tend to wake up at night even a sleep pattern is quite upset why this happens because the acid bothers them and the acid burns disproportionate feelings of discomfort not only sensation in what is the esophagus but also in the mouth are children who can have a little whiter mouth even with sores also unlike from spitting up that smells more like normal milk.

We go by parts at home with soft regurgitates remember that it is completely physiological

It is milk that smells more like vomit as more cut as with a more sour smell more beautiful more acid then well what do we do Paula what do I do if a baby has regurgitation or reflux we go by parts at home with soft regurgitates remember that it is completely physiological and is normal to as this sphincter is a little more mature as the baby goes being older and can begin to introduce somewhat more solid foods this tends to disappear also we remember we do not have to do anything because your baby in consultation is gaining weight does not stagnate is not uncomfortable just take that puff for spitting up and continue to be happy and without any kind of ailment well.

We got to ebb gastroesophageal and some friends are difficult to be the father or mother of a baby that we see that he has a bad time that he is crying that he is uncomfortable that he does not eat that reject the chest that does not take weight well It is true that the first weeks of life during the week one of two even arriving at three is a completely normal baby that does not show any discomfort but arrives at week 24 approximately begins to these things happen to him that I have just described why this happens because it is from week 2 when the stomach begins to produce more amount of acid, of course, this acid burns them.

It burns the part of the esophagus bothers them in the stomach and produces what I have already said previously in addition to these babies having that constant acid are babies that as soon as they finish eating they do not like us to knock them down because when we knock them down we sharpen that sensation of acid much more so that you I advise that after eating you always put it upright even if you I would comment at the end of this article, the reflux was much more vertical. has treatment but you know that your social networks avoided talking about treatments, medications, and others since the ideal would be to go pediatric physio pediatrician and midwife the pediatrician will be in charge of the setting.

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The treatment for your baby, which is usually with an antacid and more or less between day 3 and day 10 of the treatment we give ourselves abysmal improvements on treatment usually lasts about 2 months, which is when we started to de-escalate this medication we owe it to him that he tolerates it well too it is important in the case of babies with reflux that the pediatrician rule out that have allergies or intolerances and of course from a macro point of view nil or physiotherapeutic highly recommend the port and manual grace can therefore be treated Paula regurgitation or reflux to the first question is whether we can give regurgitation The answer is no.

We have already said several times it is completely physiological and you just have to wait for this

Because as we have already said several times it is completely physiological and you just have to wait for this to happen and it should not be uncomfortable regarding gastroesophageal reflux, of course, yes also treatment with antacids your pediatrician and midwife very strongly that you can to a pew system is pediatric because returned thanks to manual therapy will help a lot with these ailments stomach pain as well as constipation or the dreaded colic that you already have an article and I leave you the link down super It is important from here not to self-medicate the baby not because I have told you about antacids you start giving this medication to the baby without a previous regimen of your pediatrician and then as a midwife.

That I advise you very important take more vertical wheelie position rugby position even biological breastfeeding position avoid breastfeeding positions accused or reverse vaccine in which the baby is lying if you do not give the late mother and had to be bottle-fed also try that the baby is sitting more than lying down or bottle no let it be completely down but put it on a little more horizontal so that the baby regulates the suction flow and does not falls due to gravity also just after taking try of being in a more vertical position and for sticking it there I love the t-shirts sport or is it with what I carry my children with what my husband contributes and We advise from baby sweet so I leave you the link in the information appointment also an alternative when sleeping at night is useful to give a.

That we are going to getting by eating less time takes you to be satiated

A little bit to the crib you can put a small wedge or you can put underneath a couple of stories or a phone book that will provide a slight inclination to the crib which will favor the digestion of this baby that by gravity the content goes downwards and not upwards finally super important not to limit the shots surely you have heard the great hoax of the century or the great myth that grandmothers tell us is that the child it regurgitates a lot because you feed it too much because not what is the trick give every less time.

The amount that baby needs that we are going to getting by eating less time takes you to be satiated if by the On the contrary, the shots are widely spaced, the baby is going to stick the binge of the century in that shot because he is super hungry he will eat faster he will have greater quantity and we will achieve the effect with the opposite effect precisely the same thing happens when we are pregnant and we feel that burning or this reflux that we advise you to eat less quantity distributed in more times today we do not recommend copious meals three times a day with children.