How To Place The Baby In The Cradle Properly

How To Place The Baby In The Cradle Properly

Introduction Of How To Place The Baby In The Cradle Properly

How To Place The Baby In The Cradle Properly.

How to prepare the cure of the newborn and in occasions or it has been talked about how the baby’s sleep should be as it should be safe sleep.

Prevention of sudden infant death but also we indeed go over how a crib should stand correctly. So before you see with your own eyes move the toothpick of my son’s crib I want to emphasize a series of things that I want you to always have super interested in the first place.

It is important that you have a firm mattress, a mattress that is not very old even a mattress that is not second hand and I want to clarify something does not mean a second-hand car that you go used.

For example with your son or with your sister’s son for example that is not I mean, I mean that if you bought the mattress from a page of second-hand sale you probably do not know in previous dreams of that article.

If they were smokers for example since the toxins emitted by tobacco it can be toxic never better said for the newborn and these components are those that increase the likelihood of sudden death.

It is also important that you use an adjustable bottom sheet many times put large muslin or put sheets that directly fit their repeating face under the mattress this time we prefer that the sheet be adjustable with the rubber strips to prevent.

The menu view from being pulled out some corner and cutting can suffocate with the loose sheet at the bed very important that babies should share a room with parents to foot.

There will surely be naysayers and advocates and many books on the market that they can refute this but the evidence is what it is and parents must co and children to share a room with parents.

At least until the year and not only to improve the quality of parents children dream but also this drastically reduces the province by suddenly of the infant, thus promoting breastfeeding.

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If you still want a specific article about the school, leave me the comments and what I prepare for in a few weeks and that I think is already the crux of the question that he stressed ad nauseam.

But I want him to put it in every house because I keep finding parents in the consultation that is amazed when I tell them this the newborn must sleep on his back and face up.

If someone tells us that from the side doing the bridge handstand upside down This is not the case.

Babies always have to sleep on their backs and in the same way have to reflux or have put the mattress a little higher.

Let’s say a wedge of the eye but always they must martín and Cervo Karen you have some concern about the steel mill or if he vomits and is going to drown there is an article I will let you under Related, it delves me much more about the baby’s dream, you are going to see me like the compound.

We have in the larynx area the trachea in addition they were perfectly trusted to raise the liquid component to pass to the tracks respiratory.

But the five I recommend deepens and is forgotten here below and finally to avoid of course that there are pillows muslin cushions condor rattle dolls from loose pacifiers around the crib.

The theme of the pacifier I’m not going to touch you have a specific article pacifier and pacifier know that I also leave you linked here below well so if we all go to see it we can as you see here in the crib that there is only one must join us and you have twin twins or even two little brothers the evidence tells us that.

The baby to be sleeping safely should sleep only on the tip of the egg the importance of choosing a firm and safe mattress for children and in my case, use the baby keeper mattress, for me the mattress par excellence.

In addition to being the blue with a sun that is considered a medical crop, I leave you the link also with information about the mattress here below as you can see in this crib there are no objects in between consumption of cushions there are no pillows there are no strings there are no loose muslin dolls and stuffed animals if your attachment that you like to fall asleep does not matter if not you can leave and when the baby has already fallen asleep.

We remove it from the crib to thus avoid possible adverse effects also as you see the bottom sheet has Elasticated corners that fit all four corners of the mattress of the crib to prevent them from leaving, they can be summoned with them the room temperature should not be too high nor should it’s cold in the room.

But I always tell you preferably a baby should being cold does not mean that it happens but if we have to choose between farm.

It is too hot to overheat or it is and a half is it should be a medium because with heat the babies between rules something deep and we increase the chances of sudden infant death.

I come across texts It appears well endorsed that they say the temperature must be 1920 degrees

While a cold baby will always wake up and by crying it will indicate to us that is cold you can motivate people to stay between 20 and 22 degrees celsius looking at it identify I come across texts.

It appears well endorsed that they say the temperature must be 1920 degrees It seems too low to me.

But still, the document since it is what has found in several articles already published but 2021 what is they have always made it important not to overcoat the baby in the market and lots of gadgets and bags and ghost rooms.

What if we look at a bubble there are many items that they want to sell us that are ultra necessary.

But not, They are not the case of our son, it develops that it is to use pajamas bubble a ghost room a duvet a sleeping bag control.

The theme of the temperature does not to put the sheet and the blanket around on the bubble bag or be a ghost sheet because we know about adding to the baby the one you have you would not need something to drink with any sheet over it that happens with the chichoneras or the reeds or the reducers Well preferably based on scientific evidence we should not use them in cribs it is also true that there are children a little more Older people.

Hope you understand this technique.



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