How To Make Money $8000 Per Month Millennial Entrepreneur

How To Make Money $8000 Per Month Millennial Entrepreneur

Introduction Of How To Make Money $8000 Per Month Millennial Entrepreneur

How To Make Money $8000 Per Month Millennial Entrepreneur. I wanted to take you guys on my entrepreneurial journey I started off making about 800 per month right out of college and since then I’ve grown my income to well over 80 000 per month I’ll take you guys through my journey of graduating college without a job getting rejected by every single medical school I applied to and getting by using side hustles only so it has been a long journey it’s been about seven years since I graduated college but yeah I just really want to open up about all the struggles I’ve gone through because.

What are you gonna do for the rest of your life or they’re trying to get you to do some certain career?

I know a lot of you guys are in the same position your parents are like what are you gonna do for the rest of your life or they’re trying to get you to do some certain career path that you just don’t want to do so if you’ve ever faced that type of self-doubt or doubt from your parents I just really hope that this article can inspire you I’ll try and give you guys the tips and tricks that help me start to make more money as well as define my passions in life and yeah I just really want you guys to be able to do all the things that you want to do in life so just a little background about myself I am 28 years old right now I graduated from UCLA with a degree in psychobiology and right when I got out of college.

I had zero job prospects you guys i spent my whole college career being in the safe zone right like i thought i was going to medical school my parents wanted me to go to medical school and that was the safe answer i just gave everyone when they asked me what i was gonna do with my life but secretly i knew that that definitely was not something i wanted to do but yeah that was my answer for over four years i found myself graduate from college in 2014 i was unemployed and i realized hey i have to do something because i need to pay my own rent i need to pay for my food i need to pay for my life expenses thank god i didn’t have any student debt so thank you to my parents for that.

But yeah I just didn’t have a job and I was like I need to do something so I can continue living in Los Angeles so to pay for things I just did side hustles the first month after graduating I made about eight hundred dollars in income the second month I made about 1.5 000 and the third month I made about 2 000 I was always looking for opportunities you know I was in that hustle mode and I think that that helped me out there are just so many different opportunities around this and when you’re hustling and trying things out you learn to look for places where you can add value and as a result make money.

You equate money not with just showing up for a nine to five job but instead you equate it

So you equate money not with just showing up for a nine to five job but instead you equate it with looking for the opportunity each dollar that I made was the result of me going out there and just getting it I don’t know if that makes any sense but at the time you know I was just always looking for where I was going to make my next dollar if you’ve never lived in la making that much money you know like 2 000 a month was not enough but luckily my rent was only 450 a month and somehow I was able to make it through those first few years I want to let you guys know that if you’re in a tough situation you’re there for a reason it’s really about.

How you learn to get out of that situation start building wealth and yeah if you’re in a tough spot right now just know that this situation is going to help you out in the end and propel a lot of your future success so yeah by the end of the first year I was making at least a few grand per month and most of this income was coming from tutoring that was my most consistent gig and I think at one time I was working with up to three students concurrently another side hustle that I was doing was photography and articles so I was shooting weddings for like five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars each I was doing a lot of graduation shoots I was assigned to a modeling agency and doing print shoots every once in a while and yeah it was a really fun time in my life I wasn’t making.

That much money but I had a lot of freedom with my time sometimes I make a lot of money in a couple of months and the other times I just have a slow and steady income from my tutoring gigs for example in the year 2016 I think that was the year where I did over 150 graduation shoots in the span of one summer that was a win for my income but doing three to five graduation shoot almost every single day really took a big toll on me I was caught in the whirlwind of doing all these gigs making money but in doing that I didn’t focus on any self-improvement and as a result, I just cannot break making over six figures I was just too focused on trading my time for money.

Start that’s what I think everyone should do at the start of their entrepreneurial journey

Which you guys are great at the start that’s what I think everyone should do at the start of their entrepreneurial journey but some point, you’re going to want to figure out a way to leverage your time and scale by having other people work for you or doing something that generates more passive income when you do that’s when you can build real wealth because then you’re not just trading your time for money so going back to my story it’s still like 2016 and at this time I’m still looking for a lot of opportunities I started a clothing company called charged and that failed and I lost like over twenty thousand dollars I also started a marketing agency with some friends and that failed.

I started another college clothing business with some friends and that did not work out I tried drop shipping that did not work out but finally I started doing amazon fba which luckily I still do to this day so that is the whole theme of my life you guys it’s a lot of losses and just a few wins but those few wins are all that you need even if you have like an 80 90 fill rate all you need is that first one business to sort of go well and then everything’s going to snowball from there on out by the year 2017 I was about three years into self-employment and as a result of always looking into different things that I could do to make money I decided to get my real estate license I’d also been working as a mortgage processor on and off since 2013 so I decided to get my loan license as well.

This way I could help people buy homes and I could help them get loans at the same time I always tell people if you want uncapped income you want to make a lot of money then working on commission is a great way to do that it’s hard and a lot of people failed but you guys you just need to take those risks you need to be okay not making any money for the first few months because these types of commission-based jobs they tend to grow exponentially you get one client that client refers you to two other clients and you start seeing compound growth in both your number of clients as well as the revenue that you’re making I’ll include an article.

I made about getting your loan license because I do think that is a great career

I made about getting your loan license because I do think that is a great career and not too many people are talking about that and by the way, it’s better than getting your real estate license so now at the start of 2019 I was still hustling all the time doing different things I started getting more influenced by people I was following on social media and I decided that building a personal brand was extremely important I know that the whole hustle culture can get a little bit toxic at times but for me, it was a very needed stressor in my life that pushed me out of my comfort zone by following people on social media I saw what they did on a day-to-day basis and I was like hey I need to start doing these types of things.

If I want to start seeing more results in my life if you know the sort of what you want to do in life with entrepreneurship or whatever business you want to start I recommend finding people that are doing that same thing and sort of have them be your virtual mentor see what they post on Instagram on their stories and some of their energy is going to rub off on you so I found people that were doing exactly what I want to do I saw their habits their daily routines and I was like I need to start implementing that into my life so after a two-week trip to Southeast Asia with my girlfriend I went super hard on all those things I started waking up early.

I started reading meditating running all these things waking up early has changed my life so much and that’s why I tell every aspiring entrepreneur to try waking up at like 5 or 6 a.m implement a morning routine and just see how that works for you I know it’s really hard to wake up early but I will link my morning routine articles in the description below hopefully that gives you guys some inspiration and I also recommend checking out the miracle morning by hal elrod this book put it into my head that I had to get up early or else I just would not succeed so after that I started posting more and more content on social media I started doing a tip Tuesday on Instagram where every Tuesday I’d post a bunch of personal finance and entrepreneurship tips I started making more.

I started my real estate brokerage and the people on social media

If you guys look at my first article I think I private a bunch of them I was so bad at talking to the camera I mean I’m not amazing right now but if you look back then and you compare it to now you’ll see a huge difference and that just goes to show you that even if you don’t have a natural strength in something it’s something that you can work on and get good at so by the end of 2019 you know I was doing pretty well I started my real estate brokerage and the people on social media that I was following got into my head that I should have a nice car for marketing purposes so that’s when I got my roadster.

I used it to help grow my tick-tock and then I used that to help grow my by the start of 2020 I was doing more real estate deals I was doing more mortgages e-com was going well and I was heavily focused on growing my brand seeing the success of my tic tac helped give me the confidence to do more so if you guys want to build your brand I recommend starting on tick-tock reposting those articles onto Instagram and then start funneling those viewers onto your which is the main platform you want to build I knew that that was where I could impact people.

Because on tick-tock on Instagram you know these are very short posts and you can’t fit too much information onto them however when you get people to your actual they watch like a 10 to the 15-minute article of you that’s when you can connect with your audience and that’s when you can deliver value the pandemic hit and I knew that the opportunity to make informational articles was huge so I started making an article about the pandemic about the stimulus stuff and about investing and this was all perfect timing you guys like all the stuff I was super interested in and it was stuff that was trendy so I think in April of 2020 I made one to two article almost every single day and that consistency paid off started growing a lot faster and I realized.

That BLOGGING is a business this is a business that can create many multiple streams of income and so I started learning about that I dove into doing affiliate marketing that has been a huge win for my business I started doing brand deals I started making the right type of evergreen content soon I was making more than I thought I would ever make on because when I started to my goal was to just cover my car payment so aka make about a thousand dollars per month and now I can easily make that in less than half a day I’ve made some other articles about how much I plan to make this year my income streams and that will give you a better and more specific breakdown of how I’m able to make my income today I’ve also made a bunch of tick-tocks about.

I can make with my but every time I do that it seems like a lot of people try

How much money I can make with my but every time I do that it seems like a lot of people try and call me out and they say that’s not possible and you’re just lying but you guys you can make so much money with it’s just absolutely insane for example the most amount of money I’ve ever made from one single integration on one of my articles is thirty thousand dollars most of my integrations on which if you guys don’t know what that is it’s a sixty-second clip of me uh promoting some type of product or company those run between I’d say eight to twenty thousand dollars and when you work with a bunch of different affiliates.

Those add up and the best thing about is that a lot of it is passive once you make an article it’s going to continue making you money for a long time especially if you know how to make the right content I’m gonna drop my course in the description below I don’t like to push it too much but I think I have a lot of really great value in there it’s the step-by-step things that I’ve done to help grow my channel from you know just last year having about 2 000 subscribers to this year having over 300 000 subscribers so if you’ve ever wanted to build a that might be a great resource for you but no pressure.

Because i have a lot of free growth content on my channel as well so let that be a lesson you guys a personal brand can be extremely profitable and it can help you grow everything in your life it’s also helped with my other sources of income for example i do more real estate deals now i do more mortgage deals and this is all because of my personal brand what i recommend doing is working.


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