How Can Daily Habits Increase Your Income In 2021

How Can Daily Habits Increase Your Income In 2021

Introduction Of How Can Daily Habits Increase Your Income In 2021

How Can Daily Habits Increase Your Income In 2021. Daily habits that are guaranteed to boost your income after implementing these habits I’ve seen my income more than triple in the last 18 months and when you make more money you can start buying Starbucks organic strawberries from whole foods and even lottery tickets okay just kidding don’t buy any of that stuff but for real this article is going to be impactful and it’s all stuff that is going to help you make way more money shout out to him Bradley for sponsoring this article so let’s get started the first really important habit that you guys have to have is setting a wildly important goal aka a wig is for anyone.

That wants to prioritize goal setting and more importantly, goal-reaching

That wants to prioritize goal setting and more importantly, goal-reaching, and I recommend for most people to set one to two wigs and this is one of those things where the fewer the better I got this idea from the book the four disciplines of execution and I highly recommend that book to anyone that wants to become a better performer when you guys focus on a wildly important goal it’s going to give you direction and more clarity and if you want to make more money you always have to have more of these tangible goals to reach after.

So a really good example of a wildly important goal would be to increase your number of active clients from 10 to 20 by the end of the year note that it has to follow this format from x to y by one if you don’t have that x to y part and you also don’t have that time limit this means you’re wildly important goal is just not specific enough now within that wildly important goal you also want to have lag and lead measures a lag measure is something like you getting a 9 out of 10 or higher on customer satisfaction this track the success of your wildly important goal so things like revenue profits customer satisfaction and more the problem with lag measures are that by the time you see them.

The things that you did to try and reach these goals have already passed so really there’s nothing that you can do anymore now this brings me to lead extremely important measures you want to track the activities that enable you to hit these lag measures these are things that you can change and do on a day-to-day basis like for example referring to that customer satisfaction of nine out of ten what you could do for your lead measure is greet guests personally each time you see them and offer them a cup of water or for example.

If you’re a real estate agent or something and you want to increase your active clients your lead measure

If you’re a real estate agent or something and you want to increase your active clients your lead measure could be to make x calls per day to prospect these are all things that you can quantify and act upon and depending on what you do for a living you want to figure out what behaviors and trackable things you can influence and when you influence those things this results in more income the book also talks about having a scorecard and a system of accountability as necessary factors to achieve your wildly important goal without the scorecard that you see every day or your team members can see every day there’s.

A big chance that accountability can get lost and now how does this all relate to making more money well if you set one to two very clear and specific wigs for the year this is going to optimize your business and your productivity and that is just going to lead to more income or better business simple as that, okay the second habit that you guys should be doing every single day is trying to build high-income skills I’ve always prioritized building high-income skills even when I was younger, for example, I would do things like buying and selling things doing a lot of article production and photography tutoring consulting modeling all these things.

That pay pretty high per hour if you want to make more money you have to understand that you need to have some type of high-income skill and high-income skills generally equate to more specialized skills the first reason why you want to have these types of skills is that it correlates into higher hourly pay, for example, web design is going to pay more than babysitting it’s not that web design is necessarily harder than babysitting it’s mainly just that fewer people can do web design and fewer people can do it well a plumber is going to make more hourly than a barista and this is because it’s much more specialized training if you want to be able to break six figures of income you need to be doing things that other people cannot do otherwise some other person will just always do the job for less the second reason.

If you have a bunch of low-income skills then it’s very hard to turn that into a successful business however on the other hand

Why you need to always be building high-income skills is that it correlates with seeing more opportunities the more skills you have the more likely you can see opportunity in making money for example if you have a bunch of low-income skills then it’s very hard to turn that into a successful business however on the other hand if you have a bunch of high-income skills you can find ways to leverage them off of each other for example my youtube channel right this was a combination of years of video production doing different high paying side hustles years of learning about personal finance and stocks and just having a real genuine passion for entrepreneurship.

These are all high-income skills and I took them and used them to build another high-income skill which was youtube I encourage you guys to prioritize this throughout your life by building more specialized skills this leads to better opportunities for you and a bigger paycheck don’t sleep on the high-income skills, okay so this article is all about making more money but saving money is just as important if not more so I want to take a second and thank is a banking platform that offers high interest checking accounts and other services that help you save money they are a trusted financial partner that understands your habits and anticipates your needs and I love that.

They are so passionate about fostering a community of savers the more you save the more money you make so basically they have savings tiers up to three percent pay which is about 300 times more than the big banks like chase and bank of America by putting your money into a hm Bradley bank account you’ll be harnessing the power of compounding interest which accelerates the growth of your money at an exponential rate they also have plans that let you save particular goals and give every dollar a purpose using a platform like h Bradley encourages you to save as much of your income as you can so if you value saving your money optimizing returns and ultimately building long-term wealth check them out using the link in the description below and now back to the all right.

The next daily habit that you guys need to have is something that a lot of people don’t talk about and that is following the social media accounts of people you want to be like now I’m not talking about following people like Beyonce or Leonardo DiCaprio unless you want to become a singer or an actor and yeah I assume most of you guys watching this are going to want to do business start a side hustle work your way up the corporate ladder invest in real estate or whatever it is so what I recommend doing is finding people who are successful in whatever you want to do and following their social media accounts Instagram is great because.

You can see their stories which is sort of like a behind the scenes of their life and daily activities

You can see their stories which is sort of like a behind the scenes of their life and daily activities I know that personally, I have learned so much by watching the stories of people I follow and yeah there is so much great wisdom shared on this platform I want to tell you guys a little funny story about this guy that I still follow his name is Albert appreciate and he’s a high-level entrepreneur that was doing real estate and mortgages two things that I was interested in at that time he always talked about how he used nice cars to market his own business and so with his red Ferraris he was able to grab attention get business from people.

That probably would not have given him uh business and yeah so I internalized that I thought you know a lot of people don’t do this it’s a really risky move but I’m gonna try this and that’s why I got my car that’s why I started using my car for marketing and I equate that to a lot of the growth that I’ve seen in the last year another platform that I recommend people watch more of is youtube I mean you guys are already watching this so I assume that it’s something that you guys actively watch but yeah youtube is a platform that is so special because it allows you to connect with these people if these people that are doing the things.

Why they do that let’s get some of the perks of waking up early first is you get more productivity guyS

You want to do have a youtube channel definitely watch them and listen to what they have to say it’s sort of like being mentioned by them except it’s completely free so yeah really surround yourself with these successful people and you know the cool things that you can surround yourself through social media you can absorb their energy and learn from what they do okay the next daily habit that I want you guys to try out is waking up early if you want to make more money try waking up earlier I saw a huge increase in my income after starting to wake up around 5 or 6 a.m and basically how this whole thing started was I saw people like Tim cook start their day at 3 45 a.m and I was like okay.

There’s gotta be some reason why they do that let’s get some of the perks of waking up early first is you get more productivity guys it’s easier to get work done with no distractions when you’re up at five or six a.m and no one else is awake you don’t have any distractions no one’s texting you no one’s on Instagram no one’s actively emailing you and so that is a great way to set aside some time and get your work done the second perk about waking up early is that it helps you build momentum.

When you start your day strong knocking out all the hardest parts of your day in the morning then the rest of the day seems extremely easy I’ve seen this over and over again where I have a great mooring and then that momentum carries on throughout the day and third waking up early allows you to become more disciplined basically how you do one thing is how you do everything and if you can push yourself to get up early in the morning when you don’t want to then well that mentality is probably going to carry on to other things in your life early mornings.

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