Delayed Step By Step Breastfeeding Plus Revolutionary Breast Pump

Delayed Step By Step Breastfeeding Plus Revolutionary Breast Pump

Introduction Of Delayed Step By Step Breastfeeding Plus Revolutionary Breast Pump

Delayed Step By Step Breastfeeding Plus Revolutionary Breast Pump. I discover a breast pump called Elvis that they have sent me to test and it has marveled so let’s talk about the delayed stay how we carry out delayed breastfeeding tests that you need And finally, how did you store that breast milk that I just expressed inside? [Music] first of all we talk about what is delayed breastfeeding It is surely a term that technically you do not know what it is but if I tell you that it is to administer breast milk through another way for example first spoon glass you will all understand it because the technical name is changing delayed and consists of expressing the milk by different universes factors reasons.

That now we are going to see and offer it to the baby can offer it Mom can offer it, Dad can offer it whoever is the million-dollar question it is the same to breastfeed as to give breast milk the other format to give it to your mother They have deferred then yes and no if we base ourselves to see if I explain the answer to you It would be like this because the content is the same, it is breast milk the continent the way of administering is different we already know that the breasts.

They are not two jugs full of milk that only serve to administer milk breastfeeding all

They are not two jugs full of milk that only serve to administer milk breastfeeding all nine but breastfeeding is much more than that attachment, the circle is skin to skin is to regulate the temperature is to be with our must serve you close but surely you are already thinking about Paula but it is that I breastfeed in deferred and also being that link clear that yes, of course, the moms in the consultation I tell them the same not for giving a bottle with their breast milk these feelings are limited at all because we can also offer our milk that freshly extracted meet skin with the chest discovered by our baby stuck. After all, there are moms.

Who resort to breastfeeding in phoenix unfortunately many times due to pain and cracks that We already know that breastfeeding is not normal so if it is your case and you have reached this article I ask you to stop to go to my article on pain cracks and rectify because I tell you this because I reiterate once more that pain in breastfeeding should not be normalized in addition one of the main factors that make women resort to delayed breastfeeding is the return to work and not only return to work but the accelerated pace of life that women lead today, you know that the who dictates that exclusive breastfeeding should be up to six months, which is when mild begins to eat complementary feeding, be it whatever method and from six months to two years we should prolong breastfeeding this, in theory, is beautiful and perfect and wonderful.

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The reality is that it is quite difficult to carry out the conciliation is not easy and as explained before the reincorporation of women into their world neither does it make us wear it than many women end up resorting adapt delayed expressing milk through a breast pump each we will talk how it is done and offer it to the baby either by themselves or in their absence your primary caregiver or partner there are times too that breastfeeding in deferred mothers recur that their nines present some type of pathology or some kind of difficulty, for example, children with Down syndrome are children.

Who they have a larger tongue, a macro gloss and also difficulties as a rule general

Who they have a larger tongue, a macro gloss and also difficulties as a rule general in breastfeeding babies who have the future Latin flu They could also suck on and pezzone but the grip should be completely watertight we would have to generate that vacuum with our finger is not always easy so that these moms resort to expressing their milk by offering it through bottles that exist for children with some special difficulty even also when there is separation is a mom after childbirth for some bleeding some admission to the breast ICU and this mom needs and wants to Encourage the breast giving breast milk to your baby would express milk and could take the neonatal anzhi or where the baby was so that.

It could be administer and continue breastfeeding it is super important to emphasize that In these cases, the sooner the process of expressing milk begins, the better. Well, how do I need to take it to fields to talk about four things that for me are the four fundamental pillars for deferred change and only one is something we need to have or buy the other things are things that you have to have in your family and in your foundations first of all the information in the information is the power seeing this article informing reading is a lot with scientific evidence and above all also knowing how to extract how to manipulate preserve breast milk.

That we do not forget is a substance a liquid alive and has to manipulate itself as such in the second place it helps to have that network of union well requested help professionals you can turn to me to turn to other articles on this channel you can call baby sweet we can ask for a query ask for help third have support darling arms and above all also in case, we have workplace power either have a quiet place to express the milk to be able to to be relaxed is to be able to have facilities and fourthly a The breast pump must be electric and of course easy to use that we can take it with us and that it is above all discreet you know that giving birth and nothing is true the same.

I stayed when it arrived the vile and I tried it in that you send me an electric breast pump

I stayed when it arrived the vile and I tried it in that you send me an electric breast pump just what if it goes to recommend to be able to do these extractions at the end of the breastfeeding delayed breastfeeding is much more tiring than breastfeeding by breastfeeding your DVD you have to get milk you have to clean it you have to store it you have to offer at another time then the easier the rooster is to use better than better, of course, it is not mandatory that be electric you can do a manual extraction but the more electric the more compact plus portable hands-free all these facilities make it a lot easier the process of carrying out delayed breastfeeding especially lengthening.

The longer the better because I liked the wine and it differentiates it from another breast pump because we walk with a lot first I want to highlight the phrases that have like another breast pump and in the stimulation phase and extraction but the beat is smart hereunder it and has a black sensor you see this sensor indicates when it has to start the extraction and when you have to pay it, let me explain better you would eat the beat and start to do the first phase, which is stimulation when the unit detects.

That the milk begins to flow that is detected by the sensor begins the second phase the extraction phase because I think this idea is super powerful because all women are different and say the stimulation phase lasts two minutes and everything is organized is not quite like that and on the other hand when The tank is filled with milk thanks to the sensor that detects the beat for the extraction vii also makes an arrhythmic suction what does this mean nothing more and nothing less than assimilates it to the sucking of the baby babies are not machines make rest periods instructions deeper sucks effective that are much more superficial the same as the beat.

When you use you will know that there are periods that suddenly you doubt it is working

When you use you will know that there are periods that suddenly you doubt it is working and the battery runs out and suddenly after a while, it goes back to start that you do not know exactly traces the suction pattern that I would make a baby that I want to empower from him I saw that he is silent and that he is discreet I’m going to put it on I’m going to turn it on and how do I have the microphone here you are going to judge for yourself how much noise or how quiet it is right now he is working absolutely nothing is heard so you can see that there is no trap or cardboard the beat is on also it is hands-free there is no cable in actually.

There is nothing in between you can take it you can put it slot and you I guarantee that you can be at work taking out the LEDs and that no one gives an account and also I want to enhance also that it has one that is amazing because would enhance the use of because you can control from your phone -Juan how is your extraction going when it reaches hers when you have to change without having to look at absolutely anything besides something that It seemed like the revolution is that it gives you statistics, it tells me interest or you produce the more where you get the most is a real pass so it is five features boost already.

I pick up first super can use second it is quiet third it is hands-free fourth it is small and light and fifth you can take it out at any time and anywhere I also recommend will carry out delayed breastfeeding establish a kind of routine because Always, as the letter said at the beginning, you can make a little more uphill since we need to stimulate the chest a lot more, therefore, my advice is that you do stimulation is very frequent but shorter that cons, I can tell you that she has delayed breastfeeding because I find two cons, the first one is the exhaustion that can Suppose for the mother therefore to have a breast pump that makes it easy for us is essential and in any case, we also have to take into account that this street has to have adequate hygiene to our hands also later we have to handle the milk expensive.

I will explain something also keep in mind from Elvis is that down here

I will explain something also keep in mind from Elvis is that down here we will have the rest of the milk as I said before for the suction when it is already full and in the box comes some plugs so you can simply close them and take them the home, of course, that time you have and also what is the nozzle you indicated to be able to pour it into the bag storage without any risk of spilling the entire mix and in second place of the second against that I can see breastfeeding in deferred is production instability it is well known that what generates the most production it is the baby’s suction, that is why it is important to tell you that you drink very frequent and short more or less would be the same pattern.

That would have our baby I prefer that you do this than that you put on the breast pump and be an hour with the breast pump on so remember to get more out regular and frequent well we are reaching the end but I said it was very It is also important to emphasize how we preserve breast milk. maternal as you have seen you can have it in the bottle in the position that has the vi that reaches up to 145 150 milliliters of breast milk and you cannot transfer it to an important storage bag that the bags are breast milk storage bags are not worth the sandwich is not worth any bag with a seal it always has to be a bag of breast milk I govern the very important deposits.