Breastfeeding Techniques: Top 6 False Myths Mom Should Know.

Breastfeeding Techniques: Top 6 False Myths Mom Should Know.

Breastfeeding Techniques Introduction:

breastfeeding techniques

Breastfeeding Techniques: Top 6 False Myths About Breastfeeding.

I am going to talk about 6 myths that I am sure or have said or heard about breastfeeding myths.

Breastfeeding Techniques False Myth #1:

You must prepare the nipple for breastfeeding.

You have to make callus and make the nipple skin strong.

This is a great myth there are various studies conclusive that show us that this practice can become counterproductive and even moms who prepare the nipple are.

Those moms tend to fail earlier with breastfeeding, as you know, I consult in a baby suit in my center for maternity and breastfeeding is something I adore I see a lot of breastfeeding throughout.

The day and have come to hear of everything from brushing with a stiff bristle brush to cardio you have to massage it.

You have to put the lanolin for three months before you I summarize there is absolutely nothing to do to form a change in the nipple or to make the skin hard in fact naturally.

The body of the woman when we see the maternal branch we put the maternal breast around the nipple especially by the edge of the areola we will see some small cries that.

We have all women both we are pregnant and if we do not subtract these great soft the tuber grams of Montgomery and the main function of these Montgomery tubers is to keep the chest hydrated in a way natural.

I would need to put nothing or prepared in any way.

Breastfeeding Techniques False Myth #2:

If you have a cesarean section, I could not breastfeed, it will win to raise my milk do not even center the false and false ex you know what the real problem of all this that to this day we still do not humanize cesarean sections and cesarean sections even if they are surgery, it is still one more application with your child.

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We leave your partner or your birth companion out of the pact and the saddest thing we separate the bed as you can is that it is impossible to conceive.

There is a link if separating your young as soon as they are born As we well know when the milk drop occurs it is merely hormonal and when the woman is just there is the light.

Just given birth or just made a cesarean section needs its baby close by for that search reflex baby’s instinctual reflection in the baby is to hold the breast and begin to suck if we separate the tooth the baby would grab it at larrea and from bbva they have gone that link does not exist, therefore it is true.

That the rise in milk is produced later because that link did not exist from the beginning but did not It means that if we correct this and let Mom drink together and close skin to skin from the moment the baby is born and we ensure that of course their maternal-fetal light is adequate and I change them through that simple fact I guarantee that everything is solved therefore really the root of the problem with this is that we separate mom and baby obviously if we have an emergency cesarean for a loss of well-being maternal-fetal we would have to perform the primary linear performance not the ensure mom and baby are okay first of all but.

We have the baby when it is born to go skin to skin immediately and everything

When necessary elective cesarean section scheduled for any medical reason all of this can precede them and we can always say because we know that this is going to happen by so much we have the baby when it is born to go skin to skin immediately and everything I recommend that you translate it into our birth plan

Breastfeeding Techniques False Myth #3:

If your baby does not last three hours between feedings, it is because your milk does not Feed is watery or is Chinese water and has come to hear everything in the consultation Well, each baby has its rhythms, imagine that you go to a restaurant and they give you the first course they tell you to come now rest your head on the table sleeps three hours.

That will have three hours to return to the other plate on appetite fluctuates in you fluctuates and fluctuates in roles therefore and especially at the beginning we remember that you see your stomach very small and it goes growing progressively as he also grows by that reason your demand will be that on-demand.

So it should always be breastfeeding something also comes to us from the healthier side when a baby does eternal takes that I also hear a lot from the mother consultation I ask them how it is the pattern of your baby many moms say because water affected more eternal and then I ask him other questions I tell them and then.

I tell them okay, it has more reflux, don’t be uncomfortable, notes that it does tomato eternal but is never satiated in that for if he wants more again he has little gain weight or loses weight have diets pain where the nipple is cold to him to paint, that is, we take a more in-depth anamnesis.

Yes it is true that in cases of babies who take eternal feeds like what describes you, it would be very important for your midwife to check her mouth that baby as it may just be a positioning problem grip or there is a short sublingual frenulum and in that case, we would have to proceed to a photo of me and it would be a super simple performance section we would make.

I recommend that you contact them or contact your professional acz now half sets

The lingual frenulum that breastfeeding would still be super-resolved so I recommend that you contact them or contact your professional acz now half sets

Breastfeeding Techniques False Myth #4:

I have to give our breasts to the club is challenged another error well, until a few years ago it was said that the feedings had to be 10 minutes on each breast and every three hours for Of course this is the further away from the demand that we always recommend because this is a mistake well I explain you also like this in general arms but very simple for you to understand, breast milk has a composition this composition changing according to the needs of the baby even something very curious.

When the baby is sick the milk also adapts creates antibodies and you already know that it is the best natural vaccine that exists to give breast milk you do not see above all the colostrum from the beginning, well if we do timing and giving only 10 minutes in each shot is on the chest fernández is very likely that the baby will not reach the fat density as we well.

Know the fat will provide satiety and that weight gain that every one we need with thanks to the fat, therefore, to grow and gain weight if we are depriving him of that fat from the end of the take we are doing a disservice for that reason it is not necessary to give both breasts of the foam until the end you play.

Which songs you do not choose that breast to the end you let the baby get tired it stays asleep satiated and pleasant perfect the coma is over that when one breast finishes showing that he is hungrier we offer him the other that the second is not finished there is any problem because we know that the first that he has finished to the end and has benefited from that reserve of fat found at the end of the Aryan commission

Breastfeeding Techniques False Myth #5:

If I have a soft breast means that I have no milk well I tell you from here that neither the size of the breast has to do with how much milk you produce nor how much how loaded you have the breast has to see.

If you have more milk or less milk per Of course, as we have a city of milk, we are not breast enough more loaded with heavy etcetera but when the chest we have it soft does not mean anything since I remember you when we noticed a fingering is normally produced by edema carried out and vascularization in the area of ​​the breast tissue that would be very important to put the baby to the breast demand when you need it and see that to finish the feeding our baby is subject.

I refer to ar myth number one in breastfeeding should not be brossa and it should not be painful

Who is asleep or relaxed and calm has been left in pleasant peace and the coma has been relaxed how could we analyze this or moves that mom from the relaxed way is a power that is a relaxed chest with relaxed hands with the one you do not have any tension in the face.

More nervous babies tend to suckle that go forward backward separate to re-engage the fists very tight with a lot of orofacial tension it is also true that more or less in Around three months of the baby’s life, breast milk production begins to be adjusted if it has not already been fully regulated, the chest is super comfortable many moms in the office who no longer use absorbent pads.

Because they no longer leak as they used to create even babies from 3 months or so they take super-effective shots and shorter you respond to the breastfeed in 8 or 10 minutes and have finished

Breastfeeding Techniques False Myth #6:

myth number 6 at the beginning of the first weeks it is normal for the nipple to hurt and even that the first cracks appear since the nipple was not prepared well I refer to ar myth number one in breastfeeding should not be brossa and it should not be painful nor could we three months of sentence Moscow.

We did not find a week does not have to be painful and if it hurts obviously it is because something does not is well done maybe the barre may be positioning maybe they have there has been too much emotional support or attention after delivery from your midwives with health professionals in the hospital but also the baby’s frenulum may be interfering with breastfeeding.

Hope you got the breastfeeding techniques and top 6 false myths.

All the best.

Devipriya Sima.