Being A Mother After The Age 35 Possibilities And Risks

Being A Mother After The Age 35 Possibilities And Risks

Introduction Of Being A Mother After The Age 35 Possibilities And Risks

Being A Mother After The Age 35 Possibilities And Risks. Today I am going to talk about pregnancy in women over 35 years old in the article the nature of women prepares us to conceive naturally before 35 years of age but in reality, there are pregnancies of natural conception What happens in the past 35 years in women and I also tell you that in Spain currently one in five pregnancies occur in women over 35 years of age in part of this boom is due to the increase in reproductive treatments assisted and this is an article.

That you have asked me a lot about the pregnancy after 35 years of age in women

That you have asked me a lot about the pregnancy after 35 years of age in women, that’s why as I do not know everything I have here to Virginia with me Virginia is an embryologist and a biologist spends consultation in baby sweet both face-to-face and online so I have here compiled the questions that you have asked me the most that you want me to include in this article and that is precisely why you are going to see him with the chop brother because there is a series coming of questions and thus as an informal chat between friends we are going to go summarize all those doubts that arise in the day to day the reality is that pregnancy of a woman.

Who is 35 years old can involve a series of risks one of the risks that worries you the most is risk abortion and it is true that the latest studies tell us that if we put all these women in the same package the number of abortions happens sadly the first trimester of a pregnancy before week 12 but if we already start unraveling this group of women we can see a brutal difference and it is that Pregnancies of women who are 30 years old or less actually the proportion is 10 percent of abortions but if we already go to that group of women and 35 years or plus the percentage rises to 40 percent abortion so precisely from this I want to ask Virginia.

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What she thinks about getting pregnant more than 35 years is worth first of all what we have What to know is that from the age of 35, the quality and quantity of eggs that a woman has drastically decreased this decrease in the number of ovules and especially of the quality implies that a quantity of mutations within the ovules that affect the subsequent generation of the embryo an embryo is generated that is genetically unfit to give a full-term pregnancy an abortion can be generated by a multitude of factors but one of the most important factors to take into account is that the embryo is genetically normal, hence, from the 35 years the probability of having an abortion by a genetically embryo anomalous increases worth will make us talk about the issue of ovules we made a super interesting blog post.

Which they had to remove some type of egg if she reached menopause before

That talked about the ovarian reserve if we underwent any fertility treatment in which they had to remove some type of egg if she reached menopause before or that you can tell us about this in case some woman who is watching us is considering carrying out this procedure or if it influences the ovarian reserve in some way is worth because of course the reserve ovarian is a point that must be taken into account because it is super important since I explain to you when we are born we have around two million follicles in our ovaries when we reach childbearing age everything has already been reduced to about 400,000 and a woman.

When that bacteria and you will have around 400 or 500 periods in your life then the number of ovules as we see is going down Likewise, from the age of 35, the low ovarian reserve then it is necessary to take into account the ovarian reserve the ovarian reserve is known through the antimullerian hormone that it is a hormone that those follicles generate those eggs that we have in the ovaries and depending on the amount of antimullerian hormone that we have in the ovaries we will have a better or worse ovarian reserve, precisely this can be seen in our gynecologist through an ultrasound to see the antral follicles.

That would be the follicles that are going to give that antimullerian hormone that we could see through an analysis then this implies that a 35-year-old woman will always have a low ovarian reserve we cannot meet with women under the age of 35 who also have a low ovarian reserve that over 35 years of age who have a better ovarian reserve then we have We have to see where we are since not only is age a point of inflection to know the quantity and quality that we have and then we could say that only the age of the woman or it also influences that the man is over 35 years of age to see the, Of course, it is a piece of information to see.

Which sperm can give because in the first stages of fertilization all the machinery of metabolism

But it is true that is a lot of maternal age more important than the age at which sperm can give because in the first stages of fertilization all the machinery of metabolism and cytoplasm all that machinery that is produced to give fertilization to give divisions all that is going to be put by the egg then if the egg genetically does not work we will have more problems than if the sperm as such were not logically so much one thing as the other is important because genetics is what will give rise to the embryo if the embryo is correct but if it is true that the ovum is a cell much larger in the largest cell we can have in our body in the human body and it will give all that machinery.

Because we can already say that the woman yes it is important to be 35 but good is important but not as much as not overcoming it in the case of the other woman question that they ask me a lot that I think I could answer is are the complications and major complications in the face of delivery, correct me but face at birth, a woman is about to give birth with Cesc all the machinery and has rolled the baby is a full-term baby, therefore, we do not have associated major complications in childbirth in women over 35 years of age I’ve done something very curious and Cali gets on my nerves, it’s a term that is woman years to women.

Who generally in private health do not generalize but usually more so, a cesarean section is performed per woman years to not there are complications associated with childbirth in a woman who is 32 to 36 years what it is is that the probability of developing some disease during the gestation during pregnancy does increase, for example, gestational diabetes or fibroids these fibroids place and grow near the vaginal canal Vaginal delivery would be impossible, which is why the cesarean section would be an option for this woman but never under the premise of woman years I Virginia I want to comment on one thing, it is true that in baby sweet.

We meet with many moms who also come a bit tortured looking for your help

We meet with many moms who also come a bit tortured looking for your help because The hawk tells us even though I’m 36 years old and I feel like I want to be a mother now, but my circle of friends tells me do not worry woman but if the medicine today link wonders or if that draw year to who is very young with 35 years already you will search with 40 or freeze ovules what do you think about all this to see what What must be clear is that our biological age is the one that in our biological clock is what it is if it is true that in the society we live we right now because there are many cares we go to the gym we take care of ourselves and we look very young as the years go by we look very young.

But our biological clock is what it is then with this that we are counting we want to say come have children you already know me this is over no not at all we simply want to say that the information is power, I always say it so with this information that I have that you have and that we offer you, you can make the decisions you create more timely then it must be clear that From the age of 35 all this happens but there are also options so that before that we get to that point because either freezing eggs either that is insurance to your motherhood is to say if you because we want to have that stability entrepreneurial work of a couple if we see that the years go by and that comes to that moment we can freeze how hard we can have those eggs frozen youngest.