The Best Baby Bed With Top 15 Essential Newborn Care – Baby Must Have.

The Best Baby Bed With Top 15 Essential Newborn Care – Baby Must Have.

The Baby Bed: Today I’m gonna share some best baby bed with essential newborn care that a baby must-have.

When I first had my daughter we did not know what we needed for a newborn baby. We just bought too much stuff that we didn’t need, so our second time around with Son we knew exactly what we needed, we knew what would be helpful, and so I wanted to make an article in case you’re a first-time parent and you wanna know the things you actually need, so hopefully, this article is helpful.

Before we are jumping into the baby bed, let me share some basic essential newborn care that we should purchase along with baby bed.

1. Nose aspirator:

So the first thing I wanted to share is a nose aspirator because you know babies, they get stuffy noses and they can’t clean their own noses, so what I find is this Nose aspirator works really well, you put this part of it inside the baby’s nostril and then you use your mouth to suck.

I know that seems a little gross but this is a lot more sanitary than those little pumps because I’ve seen videos where someone opens up those little nose aspirator pumps and it’s like moldy.

Of course, you can find the ones I’ve seen on First Cry that you can remove and clean on the inside but I just really like this Pigeon Nose Cleaner.

2. Nail Filers:

When babies are born their nails are incredibly long. When I was at the hospital, my nurse told me to just use my teeth to kind of shorten the baby’s nails and I thought that was funny but it actually worked.

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t, that’s not very sanitary but what I prefer to do is I like to file baby’s nails, so these are fantastic because it’s like baby-sized and it comes in a big pack I bought on Firstcry and I’ll definitely link everything that I mentioned down below so it’s really helpful for you guys.

But filing your baby’s nails once or even twice a week is very helpful because babies love to just touch their face and they’re always like moving around and they may or may not scratch their face.

My first daughter, oh she scratched her face so much even when we would file her nails, but filing definitely helps reduce all the scratches.

And I don’t know what it is but I have never put mittens on my baby’s hands, I’ve never covered their hands to prevent them from scratching because from all the different classes that I’ve taken, I’ve learned that babies discover and learn through touch even the very first days of their lives, so why would you want to cover that, why would you wanna take that away from them, so that’s why I don’t cover their hands ever.

Another thing is I actually haven’t even used this but it’s something that you may wanna have once they’re older, you may wanna start clipping their nails, so this is a little nail clipping set and it also has a little nail file in here.

And that’s really great to add to your baby registry if you’re still pregnant and you’re trying to figure out what you need.

3. Swaddling Blankets:

Another must-have for babies and newborns are swaddling blankets I love these blankets, they’re thin.

I have haus & kinder 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Wrapper Pack from Firstcry Company and then the majority are from this brand called haus & kinder 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Wrapper Pack.

You can get these guys at Firstcry online, anywhere you guys wanna find them.

They’re super long and you can double up on it, like double fold it for swaddling and I like that they’re not so thick.

I like the fact that they’re really large so it will allow me to swaddle a big baby, my baby is two months but he almost weighs 14 pounds, he’s big.

So I do appreciate the fact that this blanket’s so big that it’s even good for swaddling a bigger baby, to just a newborn.

Because newborns love to be swaddled but so do older babies. It just feels good for them, it prevents them from waking themselves up and smacking their faces and things like that.

I find that just the regular swaddling blankets are easier to use than the ones that you buy and it has all that velcro. Plus velcro is loud, you do not want that velcro sound in the middle of the night, your baby might end up waking up even more during diaper changes and things like that.

And I also find that these little blankets are great for nursing wraps too, so if you don’t wanna buy a specific nursing wrap, which I really love though, I have this specific nursing wrap that I love, if you’re not into buying that you can use this blanket and just cover, tie it like this and you’re good to go as far as nursing which is really great.

But of course, you don’t need to be covering up if you don’t want to.  I most definitely don’t cover up when I’m at home, but if I’m at a restaurant or with my parents-in-law and things like that, I definitely like to cover up a little bit.

4. Burp Cloth:

Of course a burp cloth, so here’s the thing.  we never really bought specific burp cloths. We like using dish towels, bath towels, anything because all you need it for is to just cover up your shoulder and burp your baby in case your baby spits up you will use a towel to absorb.

And I feel like towels are thicker than regular burp cloths so they’re even better. Even these blankets, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, use the blanket and use it as a burp cloth, you can use anything as a burp cloth pretty much.

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5. Baby Bed :

baby bed

And then of course the main thing that you need for your baby to sleep in i.e. Baby bed.

Newborn babies sleep most of the day so you want them to be super comfortable in whatever they’re wearing and what I find really great are baby bed.

Even if you feel to gift for newborn baby, then baby bed is the right choice.

And baby Bed, specifically with the zippers are really easy because you don’t have to like look for the buttons, you don’t have to match which buttons go with what, you just zip it up and you’re good to go and you had one button on the top, you just button that and you’re good to go.

What I find really helpful is to just go a size up just because babies grow out of their clothing so quickly, they grow so fast you guys! So definitely go a size up.

So one regret is that I bought too many newborn size stuff with my first son. So with my second, I didn’t even buy much and I just used a lot of hand-me-downs that my first son had.

So I’m really glad that we had saved some but I also got a lot of gifts and just baby bed are the best, they sleep in it, they’re very easy to zip up and down, we also have the ones that button up but I personally love the ones that zip.

And the brands that I like, this one’s by Babyhug Velvet Baby Bedding Set With Mosquito Net is really thin, so this is great for summer and then this one is of a thicker material, but it’s still pretty thin and then if you wanted you could get those baby bed that zips up for extra coverage, or you can swaddle and newborn babies love to be swaddled so definitely go for it.

6. Thermometer:

Definitely, you will need a thermometer or a baby safety kit, a lot of first aid things like nail clippers. We have a temporal thermometer that we really like, we just swipe it on the baby’s head and then it gets the temperature right away.

And I think it’s really important in case your baby feels warm, to keep track of your baby’s temperature. Because newborn babies, it can get very scary when their temperature goes up, so definitely keep track of that.

7. Diaper Pail:

And then this is optional but I really like it, especially when you’re older and their number two’s don’t smell the best. I love the diaper pail like I love a diaper pail. It keeps all the diapers and the odors away.

It works, a lot of people are on and off about the diaper pails but I think they’re must-haves, at least for me. You definitely need diapers and wipes, so pick whichever diapers and wipes that you like, and also any type of body washes, I like trying different products.

8. Diaper Bag:

Another must-have is a diaper bag, I prefer backpacks as diaper bags, I love being hands-free. And I have so many different diaper bags, you guys. I have like a Backpack Diaper Bag – Blue one, I have this Honest Company one but the zipper broke because I’ve had it for years, the same I have this new Backpack Diaper Bag – Blue one. I like any type of diaper bag as long as it’s in backpack form.

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9. Baby Monitor:

We like using the SimCam Smart AI Baby Monitor & Toddler Cam that we’ve had ever since we had a baby and so we ended up getting a second camera, it was a gift from one of my friends, so huge thank you for the extra camera.

We like having monitors for both our baby’s rooms, even though my baby is co-sleeping with us, we eventually wanna have that camera in his nursery so that we can check up on both of them and I like the SimCam Smart AI Baby Monitor & Toddler Cam that we have and the monitor that we have so we can check up on both boys. You can actually get four cameras for that so that’s pretty neat.

10. Baby Carriers:

As far as baby carriers there are so many different kinds.  We use the Babyhug Comfort Nest 3 Way Baby Carrier is really great if you have a newborn because it’s like it’s hugging them and it’s super soft and the Babyhug Comfort Nest 3 Way Baby Carrier With is great because it’s washable.

I love just wearing it everywhere we go, like when we go to the store, when I’m at home, just making bread or doing something, it’s very easy for me to add ingredients into the bread maker with wearing baby.

It’s very nice and she loves it because it’s so comfortable for her, sometimes she’ll take a nap inside. And I just love holding her and it’s just really great, babies love to be held.

So a baby carrier is definitely a must-have, just figure out which one you like best. But I personally love the Babyhug Comfort Nest 3 Way, Baby Carrier. and you can wash it which is really great.

It’s washable but I don’t put it in the drier, what I do is I just put it outside and I let it air dry in the sun.

11. A Mat:

A mat, like a play mat for your baby to do tummy time as I mentioned, you can use a XPE Waterproof Folding Mat Kitty Print – Multicolor like I have. But I definitely use anything that you need to use.

12. The Stroller:

strollers are fantastic for getting around. We have a Babyhug Symphony Stroller With Reversible Handle that has everything.

That Babyhug Symphony Stroller is the best investment we have ever had because even a three-year-old can sit in that stroller and love it.

Justin runs with that stroller, it’s so easy to maneuver, it is such a huge stroller but it is an amazing stroller and I highly recommend it.

13. Baby Swing:

We have a Rabbit Snicker The Playfull Baby Swing which is, which has different types of settings, and we got that as a gift at our baby shower.

It was such a generous gift because R for Rabbit Snicker The Playfull Baby Swing – Grey is not cheap.

So definitely keep a receipt if you need to and you can figure out which one works for you.

But I love that swing so much because I’m able to cook dinner, like a really fast, quick dinner, and my baby will happily like swing in there for 20 minutes. Of course, I’m with her, like I’ll keep her by me in the kitchen and I’ll be like “oh how are you doing? “Are you okay, everything okay?” You know, talking with her while I’m cooking.

And it’s just good sometimes to be able to do things while you’re with your baby.

14. Car Seat:

We use the Babyhug Cruise Convertible Reclining Car Seat, it works really well.

It’s also the car seat that I used for my first daughter. Car seats do expire, so check the expiration date.

Don’t buy a car seat from a garage sale just because it might expire, and also when we had my first daughter, we went to a police station and he checked the car seat and made sure that we installed it correctly because that’s very important because so many parents don’t know how to install a car seat correctly, it’s just better safe than sorry, right?

So it’s good to go to your local fire department or police station and schedule an appointment. And they do ask you to schedule, so you cannot just walk in there and be like “hey can you check this “out for me,” so make sure you schedule first.

15. Books:

The last thing I wanted to share our books, I feel like babies are never too young for books.

Even newborns, just your voice and just starting a routine where babies enjoy books is gonna be great because when I had my first baby when she was a newborn, I read her books. I read her books even before she was out of me when I was pregnant I would read her books and then I just continued reading books every day, it was part of my routine multiple times a day and different types of books.

It doesn’t even have to be a newborn type of book, you can read long books because they’re usually just falling asleep in your arms anyway or asleep most of the time, so a short book would be great for a newborn, but as they get older something longer.

But including books will definitely help. Just knowing that you’re spending that time with them, giving them the attention.

The last newborn must-have that I wanted to mention is not something that you can purchase or get from anyone, but it would be patience.

Final words:

And also not comparing your baby with others. Every baby has a different developmental milestone.

Every baby hits its milestones at different times.

For example my daughter, I think it took her until 15 months to start walking and I was for sure nervous and I was worried.

And all my friends, their babies were walking. I had friends that had kids around the same time and those things like I just wanted to share that tip with you because those things can be stressful as a new parent, so definitely don’t compare your child with other children because every child hits developmental milestones at different ages.

But I could definitely post a different article on that, different tips for parents to not stress over.

So those are the suggestions that I have for you friends, I hope that you enjoy them.

Let me know if you guys want me to do those parenting tips that I was briefly getting into. I really appreciate your reading and I hope you have a great day, bye!

Hope you love this article.


Thanks with love,

Devipriya Sima.